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Congratulations to our 2016 Spring Sectional Masterpoint Winners!

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Dec 6 Holiday Party… And a good time was had by all!

The last unit game of 2015 was celebrated in style. Our annual holiday party boasted 24.5 tables, a great catered lunch, and tons of prizes! Check out the photos!

Event Summary and Photos

State of the Unit 2015

Unit 539 Board.... At your Service

Welcome to our annual membership meeting! Today, June 21st, is the Longest Day for three reasons; it's the Summer Solstice so you get to appreciate more sunlight to celebrate Father's Day (and happy Father's Day to all of you), it's also a bridge Longest Day because it marks a special day designated by the ACBL to fight Alzheimers which is why we're holding a special charity game, and the Unit will match the extra $1 you're paying, and lastly, it's the Longest day because you will have to bear with me while we cover the State of the Unit address and update and finish off by electing our new Board for 2015-2016!

Another year has gone by, and what have we accomplished? We still stand strong at over 700 members, the second largest unit in our district. Enjoying our home base at Adventures and Wirt's hospitality, we have held our usual 4 yearly tournaments, hosting over 750 tables and 1600 players. Our sectional offering is always changing, and this past winter, we replaced the KO with 3 separate Swiss team games which proved popular. We're introducing a Pairs game on Sunday this summer for those who only want to play one session, and hope you'll take advantage of that too.

But what I really want to bring to your attention today is what happens behind the scenes, what makes the wheels spin. I'm going to give you some clues, and you can take some guesses....

This person is escorted out of the building with deference on the Sunday evening of every tournament, loaded with thousands of dollars that she has to then allocate into balance sheets and P&Ls. She is our fearless Treasurer who not only manages our ingoings and outgoings with a tight fist but throws it right back at you in the form of a lavish Holiday Party that the Unit hosts every year. Who is... Barb Holles.

This person is related to San Diego's sweetheart, the one and only Lena. Now we all know that the Queen of San Diego gets first priority and so she should. And yet, this person finds the time not only to manage the awards process, notifying you when you've reached a milestone in the MasterPoint progression and ordering your awards, but also to chair our NLM tournaments! Who is... Carolyn Casey.

This person is in her element when it's PR time, which is all the time. Do you know what it takes to produce flyers for tournaments, make sure they don't run out, make sure they're in Vegas or Palm Springs or Riverside, cementing the message by producing more mini-flyers, getting approval from Horn Lake before publishing flyers, putting ads in the Forum every month? Flyers don't come easy, and we owe it all to our PR lady. Who is... Gigette Caldwell

This person keeps us honest at our board meetings, recording all our decisions and actions, producing meticulous minutes for all to see. Over the years, she has shown total dedication to the Unit by mentoring younger players and chairing non life master tournaments. She doesn't play much anymore but her heart is still in it and she still finds time to impart her knowledge and experience at every opportunity. Who is... Joan Madden

The ACBL is a big complex machine, and running a game, whether it's just a unit game or a sectional involves getting sanctions, paying fees, producing reports, setting up annual calendars. All this background work is mumbo jumbo to most of us and couldn't happen without the skills of this individual. This person has a full time job and rarely plays but still finds the time to manage the administrative interface to the ACBL. Who is... John Boackle

This person can tell you how many dozen doughnuts we bought at our summer sectional, and predict how many cups will be used at the next fall sectional. We can now project fairly scientifically the costs of our foods and supplies at tournaments thanks to spreadsheets designed by our tournament co-chair. And, if this isn't dazzling enough, we have a budding bridge teacher in training. When Maritha is not around, this person whips us lessons for our 999ers and is good at it, judging by her audience! Who is...Kathy Moyer.

Unit 539 is not known to short change its players on food, and this person is responsible for all your calorie intake during our Open tournaments. During those weeks, she is a frequent shopper at Smart n Final, Costco etc. and has actually been known to make 3 trips in one day to these stores. She is not a Sunday player and yet finds the time to be a committed team member. Who is.... Marianne Klayman.

We know our bridge players like their stomachs and we aim to please. This person is solely dedicated to catering our hospitality on unit game Sundays. It takes a lot to organize contributors, and fill in the gaps with her homemade dishes. This person stepped up after a resignation on the Board earlier this year and we couldn't do without her. Who is... Marty Roth.

Finding fill-ins to play with solo players, and partial teams may sound easy but it isn't. For the past two years, this person has tirelessly made last minute phone calls at 12:55, sometimes 1:05, under the most stressful conditions. It's not a job for everybody but she has done it very well. Who is... Stephanie Rake.

Have you received a get well card lately, or wondered about how to transfer into our unit, or checked the bulletin board over there? Membership services are one of the many things that this person does for our Unit. But in my opinion, she excels at being our resident Forum editor, and when you read that monthly column, it is she who writes every word of it. Who is.... Vicki Creamer.

Last but not least, I want to thank the silent givers, those people who are not on the Board, but who continue week after week, to contribute to the oiling of the machine: the Huffakers, Vi Breckenridge, Maritha Pottenger, Jo Boyer.

This completes my address - Unit 539 Board .... at your service

Respectfully yours,

Lamya Agelidis

June 21st - Annual Membership Meeting

At the June 21st meeting, the slate of candidates for the new 2015-2016 Board was presented and unanimously voted on by all members present.

Congratulations to the new board. First board meeting is scheduled for July 19th, at which point, officers will be elected and other positions appointed. We'd like to thank outgoing director Stephanie Rake who did a great job with Partnerships and Membership Services in the last couple of years!

Names in Bold are newly elected board members

Lamya Agelidis

John Boackle

Gigette Caldwell

Carolyn Casey

Vicki Creamer

Chris Hastie

Tom Herzog

Barb Holles

Marianne Klayman

Joan Maden

Kathy Moyer

Marti Roth

Lena Jelusich turns 98!

On Tuesday October 20th, our Unit celebrated an important milestone. Lena graced us with her presence, dressed in her favorite color, black, and looking as sparkling as ever. She sat at Table 3, her usual throne at AIB, and was greeted with many well wishers. Cards, cakes, orchids... no gift is large enough to honor this elegant lady who just turned 98. A fierce competitor, a gracious and loving person, Lena always has a smile on her face.

Lena started playing bridge around 1960. Her next-door neighbor, Mimi Flood, came over one day and said she needed a fourth for bridge. Lena told her she knew nothing about the game, but Mimi said not to worry, that it was "easy." That did it! She quickly became addicted, but since she still had children in school, only played once or twice a week.

For quite a few years she has been playing six days a week, taking Wednesdays off to go to Nordstrom's for lunch. Of things she likes the best, Lena loves the competition and likes the people. A quote from her daughter (also a bridge player) Carolyn Casey: "For as long as I can remember, Mom has enjoyed playing cards - whether playing pinochle with my uncles at the dining room table or our nightly family cribbage game after the dishes were done."

There is nothing she would change! She likes things the way they are.

Looking for Partners for Unit games?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Alternatively, if you decide last minute that you're looking for a game, just contact Chris Hastie, our Partnership Chair, who will be happy to get you a partner!

Announcing Ask an Expert corner at SD's Unit Games!


We have added a 15-20 minute time slot at the end of every unit game (1st and 3th Sunday, and occasional 5th) as a resource for intermediate/advancing and newcomer players. The best way to improve your game is to go over the hands you've played after a game with someone who can help you understand the areas in which you can improve.

After each session, an expert player (sometimes a high level professional) will be available for 20 minutes at the Ask An Expert table. Anyone can bring a hand record and ask about bidding, play or defense. "How should we have bid that slam?" or "How can I make 3NT on this hand?" Or, how do we figure out how to beat the opponents when they bid 5 clubs?" are sample questions. You can ask about specific hands—or get clarification on basic principles of bidding, declarer play, or defensive techniques.

Maritha Pottenger, one of the biggest bridge education advocates in our area has kindly volunteered to host our first session. So be sure to attend our Unit games, starting with Sunday August 17th.

Latest News

Upcoming 999er Lessons


Maritha Pottenger - Stay on after the game for Ask an Expert

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