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Announcing Non-Life Master Sectional Sep 19-21

Once again, Unit 539 is pleased to host its bi-annual 3-day Non-Life Master Sectional, Fri 9/19 through Sun 9/21.

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Last month of NAP club games

The North American Pairs (NAP) event has been a major ACBL pair championship since 1979 and was originally known as the Grand National Pairs. This grassroots event is staged in qualifying rounds at the club, unit and district levels. It culminates in a final held in conjunction with the 2015 Spring NABC, in New Orleans, LA.

The contest is run as a flighted event: Flight A (Open), Flight B (fewer than 2500 masterpoints as of the June 2014 masterpoint cycle) and Flight C (Non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints as of June 2014).

All the Clubs within our Unit are offering NAP games. Just check their schedules! If you qualify, you will be able to participate in the District final which will be held this year at the Irvine Regional, in Orange County on September 6th.

See you there!

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Announcing Roy Green's one-day class and Any Volunteers?

Roy Green, Emerald Life and ex-ACBL CEO, will be hosting a Learn Bridge in A Day?® seminar on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Adventures in Bridge Club.

Roy is also looking for VOLUNTEERS to assist him in monitoring the class between 10:00 and 3:00. Anyone interested in helping out newcomers and witnessing Roy's expert teaching style, please contact Roy ASAP.

To register for Learn Bridge in A Day?® or for more information, contact:

Roy G. Green by e mail or call Adventures In Bridge at 619 287 8313

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Looking for Partners for the September NLM Sectional?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Results of the Summer Sectional Available Online!

Whereas our Winter Sectional back in February was unseasonably wet, the recent Summer Sectional witnessed record heat and humidity. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed hosting 300+ tables over a full 3-day weekend. Masterpoints were earned by 408 players. Congratulations to all! Top masterpoint winners were:

  1. 24.63 Timothy Flaherty
  2. 21.44 Bette Strauch
  3. 21.44 John Strauch
  4. 18.31 William Grant
  5. 16.73 Ronald Kay
  6. 16.50 Matthew Mallory
  7. 16.50 Alex Fowlie
  8. 15.15 Everett Boyer
  9. 14.75 Ronald Huffaker
  10. 13.85 Mark Itabashi
  11. 13.85 Steven Love
  12. 13.77 Marianne Spanier
  13. 13.77 Bud Marsh
  14. 13.27 Lamya Agelidis
  15. 13.23 Roger Doughman
  16. 13.07 Steven Cooper
  17. 13.07 Lynne Feldman
  18. 12.52 Fran White
  19. 12.47 Judy Rimer
  20. 11.74 Marianne Klayman
  21. 11.58 Mac Busby
  22. 11.50 Steve Bruno
  23. 11.50 James Martin
  24. 11.14 Ken Batko
  25. 11.14 D'Anne Pientka
  26. 11.14 DarcyWhite
  27. 11.14 Fred Batko

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Announcing Ask an Expert corner at SD's Unit Games!


We have added a 15-20 minute time slot at the end of every unit game (1st and 3th Sunday, and occasional 5th) as a resource for intermediate/advancing and newcomer players. The best way to improve your game is to go over the hands you've played after a game with someone who can help you understand the areas in which you can improve.

After each session, an expert player (sometimes a high level professional) will be available for 20 minutes at the Ask An Expert table. Anyone can bring a hand record and ask about bidding, play or defense. "How should we have bid that slam?" or "How can I make 3NT on this hand?" Or, how do we figure out how to beat the opponents when they bid 5 clubs?" are sample questions. You can ask about specific hands—or get clarification on basic principles of bidding, declarer play, or defensive techniques.

Maritha Pottenger, one of the biggest bridge education advocates in our area has kindly volunteered to host our first session. So be sure to attend our Unit games, starting with Sunday August 17th.

Top Master Point holders among 749ers

The 749er group held its own with 4 pairs games during the Sectional. Congratulations to all! Top masterpoint winners were:

  1. 8.41 Robert Englekirk
  2. 8.35 Peter Moyer
  3. 7.59 Diana Ellis
  4. 6.75 Carey Simkin
  5. 6.75 Bernard Simkin
  6. 6.38 Suresh Kanekar
  7. 6.38 Dale Phillips
  8. 6.09 Fred Bode
  9. 4.48 Art Muurphy
  10. 4.48 Carol Murphy

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199ers Shine in the Summer Sectional

Congratulations to all 199ers for playing in the open sectional! Top masterpoint winners for that group were:

  1. 6.75 Carey Simkin
  2. 3.92 John Howard
  3. 3.34 Allen Jay
  4. 3.34 Roko Bujas
  5. 3.33 Luke Williams
  6. 3.33 Jake Williams
  7. 2.80 Roy Shepard
  8. 2.80 Judy Shepard
  9. 2.53 Phyllis Roddy
  10. 2.53 Batia Kvashny

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Upcoming 749er Lessons


Maritha Pottenger - Stay on after the game for Ask an Expert

Newsletter Corner


July-Sept Newsletter (313 KB)
Quarterly newsletter of games and special events

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Open Winners: Roger Doughman & Suzanne Lebendig
749er Winners: Margaret Van Hemmert & Bruce Zissen


Open Winners: Roger Doughman & Suzanne Lebendig
749er Winners: Carolyn Casey & Brian Jones


Open Winners: Timothy Flaherty & Marilyn Florin
749er Winners: Sharyn Pyrz & Elizabeth Granby


Open Winners: Roger Doughman & Suzanne Lebendig
749er Winners: Carolyn Casey & Brian Jones


Open Winners: Bill Grant & Ken Monzingo
749er Winners: David Hawkins & Sharon Dennison

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