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And how was the Spring Sectional?

Our San Diego Spring Sectional, also referred to by some as the San Diego Winter Sectional was true to form - the weather couldn't decide what to do, and we had pretty much 4 seasons in 3 days... no wonder it's a Spring Sectional sometimes and a Winter Sectional sometimes!

We exceeded 324 tables, which makes this our largest Sectional in 2 years! The rain didn't discourage our bridge players, and we're hoping that the new game formats and the renown San Diego hospitality are what attracted our players to join us this weekend.

Every session on Friday and Saturday offered 5 game options: 3 pairs games, pick your strat (Open, 1499er, 299er), and two Swiss Team events (Open and 1499er). The 1499er events proved to be very popular and we will undoubtedly be offering them again! We continued to run with the popular Bracketed B/C/D Swiss on Sunday, alongside our usual Swiss A/X.

And the hospitality?..... Good feedback so far. Pizza lunches on Friday and Saturday made for a quick and easy break in between sessions, and we took a gamble on replacing the traditional Sunday lasagna lunch with an Asian Orange Chicken dish supplemented by a tangy coleslaw salad. The polls show that our players were happy. And that's what we want.

We always work to improve our tournaments, so if you have any suggestions, please any of our Board members know at

Top Master Point Holders From The 2015 Spring Sectional

Congratulations to all! Top masterpoint winners from the San Diego Spring Sectional were:

  1. 22.53 Fran White
  2. 22.53 Rick Kerbel
  3. 21.90 Roger Doughman
  4. 21.76 Maritha Pottenger
  5. 20.93 Lynne Feldman
  6. 20.93 Rick Roeder
  7. 20.32 Timothy Flaherty
  8. 18.78 Mac Busby
  9. 17.40 Greg House
  10. 17.25 Andrew Loh
  11. 17.25 Joe Houde
  12. 15.25 Nathan McCay
  13. 14.93 Lamya Agelidis
  14. 14.06 Lawrence Sherman
  15. 13.38 Kathy Moyer
  16. 13.20 Kitty Cooper
  17. 13.20 Steven Cooper
  18. 12.33 Gregory Chaffee
  19. 11.76 Robert Rosenblum
  20. 11.61 David Anding
  21. 11.32 Ronald Kay
  22. 11.02 John Forrest
  23. 10.53 Kent Hartman
  24. 10.31 Daniel Denison
  25. 10.31 Raymond Sachs

Top Master Point Holders Among the 1499ers

Top 1499er masterpoint winners from the San Diego Spring Sectional were:

  1. 13.38 Kathy Moyer
  2. 11.02 John Forrestl
  3. 10.31 Raymond Sachs
  4. 9.09 Jill Seagren
  5. 7.28 Richard Stryker
  6. 7.19 Ying Lin Gu
  7. 7.19 Peter Moyer
  8. 6.74 Carol Murphy
  9. 6.74 Art Murphy
  10. 6.51 Susan Monken
  11. 6.51 Stephen Seagren
  12. 6.40 Dale Phillips
  13. 6.12 Leo Carney
  14. 6.12 Philip Savage III
  15. 6.08 Richard Katz
  16. 6.06 Robert Englekirk
  17. 5.53 Charles O'Malley III
  18. 5.53 Nancy Rubinstein
  19. 5.45 Peter Clark
  20. 4.88 Xiao-Yan Gong
  21. 4.88 Shoichi Yoshihiro
  22. 4.87 Mark Hartzell
  23. 4.87 Jacque Tucker
  24. 4.87 Sandra Franciscus
  25. 4.87 Barbara Peters

Top Master Point Holders Among the 299ers

Our 299ers also made a good showing at our San Diego Spring Sectional. Top 25 master point holders were:

  1. 6.73 Carol Murphy
  2. 5.53 Nancy Rubinstein
  3. 5.53 Charles O'Malley III
  4. 4.87 Barbara Peters
  5. 4.87 Jacque Tucker
  6. 4.86 Elazar Harel
  7. 4.61 Deborah Bowyer
  8. 4.61 Roxann Zitek
  9. 4.24 Elizabeth Granby
  10. 4.16 Roko Bujas
  11. 4.16 Allen Jay
  12. 3.96 Rolland Otto
  13. 3.58 Jeffrey Kuhlmann
  14. 3.58 Sheryl Kaufman
  15. 3.58 Louis Block
  16. 3.47 Elsie Chan
  17. 3.47 Mike Amspacher
  18. 3.40 Bridget Poizner
  19. 3.37 Chriseeta Sloan
  20. 3.37 Marianne Amantea
  21. 3.36 Lily Lister
  22. 3.28 Bob Shuken
  23. 3.27 David Katz
  24. 2.85 Tom Sauer
  25. 2.76 Lianne Brennar

Looking for Partners for Unit games?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Alternatively, if you decide last minute that you're looking for a game, just contact Stephanie Rake, our Partnership Chair, who will be happy to get you a partner!

Announcing Ask an Expert corner at SD's Unit Games!


We have added a 15-20 minute time slot at the end of every unit game (1st and 3th Sunday, and occasional 5th) as a resource for intermediate/advancing and newcomer players. The best way to improve your game is to go over the hands you've played after a game with someone who can help you understand the areas in which you can improve.

After each session, an expert player (sometimes a high level professional) will be available for 20 minutes at the Ask An Expert table. Anyone can bring a hand record and ask about bidding, play or defense. "How should we have bid that slam?" or "How can I make 3NT on this hand?" Or, how do we figure out how to beat the opponents when they bid 5 clubs?" are sample questions. You can ask about specific hands—or get clarification on basic principles of bidding, declarer play, or defensive techniques.

Maritha Pottenger, one of the biggest bridge education advocates in our area has kindly volunteered to host our first session. So be sure to attend our Unit games, starting with Sunday August 17th.

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Open Winners: Kent Hartman & Maritha Pottenger
999er Winners: Carolyn Casey & Brian Jones


Open Winners: Jeremy Fields & Sandra Gagnon
999er Winners: Carolyn Casey & Brian Jones


Open Winners: Kent Hartman & Robert Shore
999er Winners: Georgie Goyette & Yvonne Gallagher


Open Winners: Larry Sherman and Linda Gu
999er Winners: Richard Hsieh & May Hsieh


Open Winners: Virginia Luscomb & Brenda Mason Carter
999er Winners: Michael Kohn & Cynthia Kohn


Open Winners: Bruce Sherman & Larry Sherman
999er Winners: Margaret De Young & Howard De Young

Upcoming 999er Lessons


Maritha Pottenger - Stay on after the game for Ask an Expert

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