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Robert Rosenblum's Hand of the Week

Robert Rosenblum has handed over to the Unit a private file of hands that he has gathered over the years! We will publish every week on this website a hand analysis from this file along with its solution (from Robert, the expert himself!), the following week. So please check our website regularly for new challenges!.

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Dlr: North
Vul: E-W


Hand of the week for October 16, 2014

Contract is 4 by South. Lead is T.

Formulate a plan to make your contract.

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Looking for Partners for Unit games?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Alternatively, if you decide last minute that you're looking for a game, just contact Vi Breckenridge, our Partnership Chair, who will be happy to get you a partner!

Announcing Ask an Expert corner at SD's Unit Games!


We have added a 15-20 minute time slot at the end of every unit game (1st and 3th Sunday, and occasional 5th) as a resource for intermediate/advancing and newcomer players. The best way to improve your game is to go over the hands you've played after a game with someone who can help you understand the areas in which you can improve.

After each session, an expert player (sometimes a high level professional) will be available for 20 minutes at the Ask An Expert table. Anyone can bring a hand record and ask about bidding, play or defense. "How should we have bid that slam?" or "How can I make 3NT on this hand?" Or, how do we figure out how to beat the opponents when they bid 5 clubs?" are sample questions. You can ask about specific hands—or get clarification on basic principles of bidding, declarer play, or defensive techniques.

Maritha Pottenger, one of the biggest bridge education advocates in our area has kindly volunteered to host our first session. So be sure to attend our Unit games, starting with Sunday August 17th.

Newsletter Corner


Oct -Dec Newsletter (594 KB)
Quarterly newsletter of games and special events

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Open Winners: Ron Huffaker & Mary Huffaker
749er Winners: Deutsch/Boylan & Pyrz/Granby


Open Winners: Timothy Flaherty & Joe Houde
749er Winners: Suresh Kanekar & Raghubir Mathur


Open Winners: Kitty Cooper & Lynne Feldman
749er Winners: Craig & Gigette Caldwell


Open Winners: Tom Tatham & Kathy Hennessy
749er Winners: Sharyn Pyrz & Elizabeth Granby


Open Winners: Roger Doughman & Suzanne Lebendig
749er Winners: Bill Christian & Virginia Wofford

Upcoming 749er Lessons


Maritha Pottenger - Stay on after the game for Ask an Expert

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