ACBL Unit 539
San Diego

2018 Holiday Party

Unit Appreciation Party Revisited - January 6, 2019

The Unit Holiday Party has been historically held annually to celebrate the festive season and recognize our members, In the past couple of years, we've taken to shifting this event into the New Year after the holiday madness was over, as a way to kick off the New Year in appreciating our players. This is our way to give back to all those who have been loyal throughout the year and shown up on 1st and 3rd Sundays, and occasionally the 5th Sunday to play in our Unit Games held at Adventures in Bridge on Balboa Avenue. For the second year running, by popular demand, we opened our doors in La Jolla's Soledad Club to a catered buffet for 119 people, followed by an afternoon of bridge.

This event welcomed not only our San Diego Unit members but also a number of regular La Jolla, Coronado and North County players. All players who had played in a minimum of 12 games throughout 2018 qualified for a free meal and bridge. Not just any meal, I might add, but a feast of prime rib, turkey, asparagus, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad, rolls and all the trimmings! Some people regaled on an alcoholic champagne punch while others played it safe with coffee, sodas, and plain old fruit punch. All that with Frank Sinatra playing in the background... A mid-afternoon hospitality break saw us bringing out the scrumptious cheesecake with homemade berry sauce and a delicious carrot cake.

Before game start, Unit President Lamya extended a warm welcome to all present, stressing the Unit Board's appreciation of all players whose patronage we continue to enjoy. A few special people were recognized -

Did you know that both Alice Lane and Suresh Kanekar attended all 23 Unit games we held in 2018? Or that Dorn Bishop amassed the most MasterPoints at Sectionals in 2018 and that Maritha Pottenger won the prize for most points earned at Unit games in 2018? And that Roger Doughman was the oldest ACBL member in the room?

What about the bridge? We were delighted to host a total of 37 tables - 27 in the Open and 10 in the 999er game. Overall winners of the Open were Steve and Kitty Cooper. Mary Scott Knoll and Virginia Wofford claimed the title for the 999er game. 11 out of 20 pairs scratched in the limited game, while 27 scratched out of the 54 open pairs. Sebastian Holsclaw did a fine job of directing, aided by Kevin O'Neill who was helper extraordinaire.

We hoped you enjoyed the party - we enjoyed hosting you. See you again next year!

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